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Pet healthcare programs are offered these days by many different pet care insurance companies. As in ordinary healthcare, you would have different packages to choose from which will cover different types of diseases. Most companies also offer different coverage programs for the most common household pets such as cats and dogs, and also other pets. So, if you are looking to invest in a pet healthcare program, you must make sure that you are shopping around and weighing your options well. Some of these companies may also offer other kinds of services such as pest control in bedford, etc.

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Why go for a pet healthcare program?

Your pet seems to be healthy enough. So, you may be wondering why you should invest money in a pet care program. However, the thing is that the pets can contract many diseases and often, in unexpected manners. Certain breeds of dogs, for example, are prone to the condition of hip dysplasia. So, if you have one of these dogs as your pet, you should always have a healthcare program that covers the disease. You must also make sure to purchase insurance at the right time. If you want to go for a scheme after your pet has fallen sick or is hurt, it will be too late then in most cases. So, you should ideally go for a scheme when your pet is still healthy and alright. This way you will get low premiums and high benefits.

Most companies will offer insurance for a pet which is aged eight weeks or more. The pet will be checked for any problem or symptoms prior to enrolment and typically there would be an illness coverage period. The length of this period will vary from one company to another. Generally, most schemes will have an illness coverage period of 20-30 days. If inside this period your pet falls ill, this will be regarded as an existing condition and will not be covered by the scheme.

How much money you will get back

This will depend on the nature of your plan and what kinds of diseases are covered under the plan. Typically, the return will be determined by three different things.

1. the percentage coverage that is offered by the plan you have chosen.

2. the deductible on the plan you have opted for.

3. and the coverage amount you have bought for specific illnesses or accidents.

For example, many companies offer special plans for different cancer conditions. One can, for instance, go for 3,000, 4,000, or 6,000 coverage plans for his cat or his new puppy. Most companies will also not pose any restrictions on which veterinarian you can take your pet to. As long as they are licensed vets, you can take your pet to any vet of your choice. These may include specialists, alternative therapists, or traditional veterinarians. The programs will also normally cover both diagnosis and treatment of the covered illnesses. This includes vet visits, X-rays, MRIs, lab tests, hospitalization, and prescription medications.